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Resident of Headingley in Leeds. Community activist. Soul fed by mountains and the Yorkshire Dales. Follow football and cricket. Career in community development and social housing - cut short in early 2013 by cancer diagnosis.

Printed copies available

Richard died on April 21st 2014 at home with his family. Due to the interest in this blog – printed copies have been produced and are available from:  HEART – Bennett Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3HNor contact Jane Williams at A … Continue reading

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My final blog

This is my final blog. It’s not that I’m about to peg out. It’s possible, but unlikely just yet, though it isn’t going to be long. I’d rather finish with a clean ending. My world has rapidly closed in over … Continue reading

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Farewell You Northern Hills…..

I’m in the Lake District! I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing the mountains one more time, so here we are. Jane and I are here for the week, sharing the first weekend with Alex, Emma and Will (Emma’s … Continue reading

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A day at the Palace

Well, against the odds, I made it to collect my OBE last Friday. It wasn’t until Friday morning that I could be certain I was going to make it. But thanks to the help of a lot of people and … Continue reading

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Moving on

I have now definitely moved into a new stage with the disease. It was confirmed last week following a scan that my recent weight-loss, sickness and tiredness means what I already knew from my “gut instinct”! So I’m now off … Continue reading

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A new phase…….with a gong!

My disease has moved into a new phase. I suffered pains and sickness just before Christmas, and though I recovered, I’ve had further episodes since. I began a 2nd round of chemo on New Year’s Eve, but that has been … Continue reading

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Reflection on Inequality

Except for its greater prevalence amongst older people, cancer isn’t a discriminatory disease. It affects men and women, all ethnic groups and all social classes. Forms of the disease are gender-specific or more prevalent amongst certain ethnic groups. And some … Continue reading

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